The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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NUHOC General Meeting 1-30-19

Anyone do anything fun this weekend that they want to share with the class?

Becca went ice fishing, but didn’t catch anything, but some guy caught some bass?

Harrison skied a nice icey day at Sunday River

Tom tried snowboarding and really just abused his knees

Someone else tried snowboarding at Wildcat and then slept 10 hours straight

Zach went on an urban hike in the arboretum and found a coconut.

Erika’s gonna show us how to move the screen and tell us about trips


Groundhog’s Day at the Loj: 2/1-⅔

It’s an open loj, but people will be recruited to help bring solar panels up to the loj.

There might be a groundhog at the Loj.

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GgQA1sbBNfc65kYQGt5EaiQ-gbqK54NwJg8dC8D-oTg/prefill

Another Open Loj:

Winter Carnival: find out more at the meeting next week, we will have a presentation on it for you

Way in the future, we got the run of the Charles.

It’s an annual event we do. It involves teams, comradery, and fun with a cool t shirt, more as it gets closer

Also on the horizon, winter backpacking and xc skiing. Dates will be determined soon.

Loj: Katie and Meg are telling us about the Loj today

They’re giving their LCT speeches today. They want to be LCT’s really badly. Nuhoc was founded in 1941, the loj was built in 1971, it burned down in 2015, it’s a yurt now. It’s all the history you need to know, but you need more info for an LCT speech

*Harrison has put on Dan’s leather pants*

You talk about the history of the club and the loj, why you want to be an LCT, present a gift that you think

The loj is where we’ve been going for trips and stuff. We go up every weekend, and ggo hiking, skiing, etc if it’s an open loj. Open loj’s are for anything really, you don’t have to have plans but if there’s something you really want to do you can do that or just join in on other people’s plans.

The Loj Committee is a group of people that take care of the loj, and an LCT is training to be a part of that committee.

To become an LCT you have to go to the loj 3 times, then you contact Bridget and say you want to give your speech, hopefully better than this, and then people ask questions and if you get let in, you get a list of 27 items and you go through that list about general outdoor things and also loj specific things and LC’s will watch you and help you learn and give you feedback of how to do better and if you’ve done well enough you’ll get a signature, and once you’ve gotten all the signatures you host a dinner which is a more formal event where you cook dinner and then we vote on whether you can be an LC and if you do then you get your Keys for Life.

If you want to go to the loj, you might need gear.


We’ve got all of the cool stuff you need to go recreate in the outdoors. If you want gear, you go on our website and fill out a form and come get gear preferably wednesday after a meeting. We’re relatively friendly, especially Mac. The most important part is if you want to get gear, you have to be a member of this fine establishment.


If you want to be a member, you go to NUHOC.com and fill out the form and then come find Anna, Tom, or Jackson and fill out a shorter form and give 10 dollars which will get you a membership card. This can get you gear, membership to college outside, etc.

We’ve also got some swag for purchase if you want it.


Insta: @wegoontrips

Email: nuhoc.info@gmail.com

New fancy website: Nuhoc.com

Facebook: Nuhoc Loj

You know the spiel, on our website, we’ll post what trips are coming up, meeting notes, etc. We’re also doing a photo contest we got double the submissions as last week, we got 2, and the winner posted a rad snowboarding photo



Friday: 25/11 sunny

Saturday: 36/23 cloudy

Sunday: 40/31 partly cloudy


Friday: 16/-3

Saturday: 23/8 snow

Sunday: 30/19 cloudy

Memberled trips:

Anyone want friends for anything fun this weekend?

Someone is going to Brenton woods on Friday if anyone wants to come, can’t promise a ride back though.

Not this weekend, but  Jesse is planning on going to Puerto Rico and volunteering over spring break if anyone wants to come.