The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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After much deliberation, we have decided to CANCEL our general meeting for this week in response to the university update on COVID-19 that advised against large gatherings. Due to the limitations on university-sanctioned domestic travel, we will also be POSTPONING TRIPS to the Loj for the foreseeable future.

I understand that this news comes as a letdown. Weekly meetings and trips to the Loj provide a sense of structure, belonging, and joy that is especially important such uncertain times. Cancellations aside, we as an E-board care very deeply about the members of our community: your wellbeing, your safety, and your access to the people and activities that make you happy.

I want to take this chance to encourage you all not to let physical distance keep you emotionally isolated. While we may not be able to meet in person, we are all still here and NUHOC-y as ever. Please, reach out to other members of NUHOC, reach out to the E-board at our email (nuhoc.info@gmail.com), and call, Skype, or text your friends regularly.

We are a family, we are in this together, and we consider this a prime chance to support each other in a time of need. If there is anything I can do or any questions I can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Again, the best place to reach us is at our email nuhoc.info@gmail.com. Thank you all for your time and I wish you the best as we brave this transition.