The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Notes 5/29

NUHOC Meeting 5/29/19 (WE WENT TO ACADIA)

What did people do this weekend?

Spencer went to the Adirondacks

Mac got 10 kayaks lined up and we paddled as one

Max hiked great head

Mike Nelson (also known as Bike Nelson) biked

Someone else biked 25 miles

Isaac ran up 2 mountains

3 peak hike with Harrison was so fun

Jackson got swarmed by bugs and was a risky belay

Alumni ate lots of chips and salsa

Mia saw bioluminesce and the moonrise at the lighthouse

Lots of alien sightings


This week – M&M (Mac and Mike) intro to backpacking with M&Ms (the candy) at Mt Carrigain, open loj

June 7-8 – Pride at the loj/open loj

June 15-16 – Work weekend

June 22-23  – Open loj

June 29-30 – Parent’s weekend

Member led trips

Help katie move on saturday

Harrison is backpacking June 26-30th

Spencer might go to Mammoth for the 4th of july

*Theja arrives at the meeting*


The loj is like acadia but maybe better and is in the White Mountains

You can do all kinds of things and sleep in the yurt or in a tent or a hammock

You can talk to Nat about becoming a LCT (loj committee trainee) to learn to run the loj


There are gear people who run the gear locker

To get gear, start by filling out the form on Nuhoc.com (the poem is the link to the form)

Please give the gear back

Things to buy + being a member

Cotton T shirts that say “I’d rather be at the loj” and if you’ve never been there, you’d probably rather be there

New T shirts

Water bottles

Mark Synnott books

You can start the process to be a member by filling out the form on Nuhoc.com, then bring $10 to a meeting and give it to Jackson or Anna or Tom, they’ll give you a paper form, and then you’ll get a membership card

Reimbursements from acadia

Email nuhoc.receipts@gmail.com

Include your name, student ID, address, and scanned receipts


Insta: @wegoontrips (Harrison posted Acadia pics!)

Website: Nuhoc.com

Join the Google group to get emails

Trip grants

Fund undergrads going on cool trips

Who wants to join the trip grants committee? It’s just Charlie when Mike leaves for Summer 2

You do a preliminary and final proposal and maybe get money!

Summer 2 trip proposals are due June 12

THE WEATHER (Spencer is here)


73 Friday

73 Saturday

71 with rain Sunday


64 Friday

65 Saturday

65 with rain Sunday

Mammoth (Your Mommoth)

Saturday rain

Sunday rain

4th of July fireworks

4 inches of snow on Mt Washington last night

Spencer’s slightly silly snow statistics IS BACK

How many inches of snow on Mt Washington per year? 281

On average how much snow do you need to melt to get one inch of water? 10

In the cottonwood canyons of Utah, how many inches of snow do you need to get one inch of water? 18

Give Spencer a year and a mountain range where they had the most snow there ever. Adirondacks 2019

Theja is going north this weekend and then maybe to the loj and hiking or mountain biking