The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Notes 7/10

What did we do this weekend

Mac and G mountain biked

Dan had a peaceful and stressful day boating and almost blew up

Natalie saw the blue man group and they spurted paint from their shirts

Ian jumped into and then out of a fountain

Dylan found out you can canoe at the loj


7/12-7/14 Come be formal this weekend

We go to the top of a mountain and have fancy meals in a nice outfit

You might wear just a bowtie

It’s also Jackson’s birthday but he won’t be at the loj

7/19-7/21 Then it’s G’s bday and she won’t be at the loj but there might be an open loj

7/26-7/28 Cape cod bike trip where you bike all the way to the end of cape cod (at least 10 miles) and take the ferry back (sign ups are over)

Intro to intro to backpacking

8/2-8/4 open loj

8/9-8/11 water with becca

8/16-8/18 lojapalooza

Indoors and outdoors at once?? That’s the yurt

It’s like a house but a circle

We hang out and do many activities and have a lot amount of fun

If you want to become more involved, we have the loj committee and the loj committee trainee process (LCT) 

To be an LCT you have to go to the loj 3 times, talk to Nat, do a speech at a meeting, give a gift and answer questions, and get voted on as an LCT

Then to be an LC do the checklist and host a dinner, maybe get keys for life

Member led trips

Harrison is backpacking on 7/20-7/21, 8/9-8/11, and one more at the end of August

Mildly intense but backpacking experience doesn’t matter, just fitness

~10 mile days and some elevation

Ian wants to go to the beach or go climbing on Saturday (Dylan and Harrison could crush some Saturday beach)

Mac doesn’t work on Fridays so if you want to go climbing or do something on the way to the loj, let her know

Jackson says Saturday will be 90 and sunny (perfect for the beach day)

Dylan’s birthday is 8/22 and Harrison’s 21st is 8/24

Natalie’s half birthday is also soon

You might need gear

Return it and the gear people have it



Bike rack for the back of the car

Over 50% off


The climbing shoes look fine

Today only – waterproof and expensive pants down from $350

Not today only – headlamp for $20

Being a member

  1. Nuhoc.com, memberships tab, online form, paper form, $10 for Jackson
  2. You’re a member

We have shirts and soda koozies and keychains

Look at our social media

Harrison is making posters maybe for next week



Take pictures and send them to @wegoontrips

Weather for taking pics


Friday thunderstorms for angst

Saturday 90 sunny

Sunday 87 sunny

New Hampshire

Friday Rain 60%

Saturday 86 partly cloudy (stupid hot)

Sunday 74 partly cloudy (nice)

The GREAT OUTDOORS Boston edition by Ian

Erika put in a work request and now Ian can do his presentation

Ian made a map where you can find all the places in this presentation


Arboretum – if you meet someone and they haven’t been there it probably won’t work out

Larz Anderson Park – near JP and the Arboretum antique auto museum that’s maybe free and there’s ice skating on the weekend, Dan S works at sam adams which is next to there

Jamaica Pond – a nice pond, not the best for frolicking in the water

The JP licks in JP has free coffee ground compost sometimes

Not free at Jamaica Pond, you can learn to sail

Charles River – you better have been there

Revere Beach – it’s slept on, go for the sunrise, go to the bagel bin

Carson Beach – there are volleyball courts there

Castle Island – has a fort

Middlesex Fells

Blue Hills – the other big park close to Boston and it’s actually kind of easy to get to on the bus

Cutler Park – hiking, regular biking, mountain biking

Walden Pond – kinda famous but far, Decordova sculpture pond (life hack don’t go into the museum and look at the sculptures for free)

Minuteman Bike Trail – take the T to Alewife 

Southwest Corridor and the Emerald Necklace – a nice ~9 mile run if you do a loop, so many dogs around 5pm, it should someday connect all the way through MA

The November Project – run the Harvard stairs at 530am and other runs Monday and Friday

Worlds End Park – kayaking would be awesome and great sunset views

Not free

Kayak or SUP on the Charles 

Climbing at gyms or find a climbing buddy at Nuhoc, G has access to a book with all the rocks that are close

Boston Harbor – take the ferry that’s $20

Boston Community Sailing – summer membership around $350 and you can take classes to learn and use their boats and take friends out

MITOC boat rentals

Facebook groups!

Harold Parker State Forest Mountain Biking

Get excited for formal hike and bike repair/picnic potluck meeting the week after next! The weekend before the cape cod bike trip! We don’t have bike parts but we have tools