The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Tomorrow + Mark Synnott


This week we will have an abbreviated meeting followed by our special guest presenter, Mark Synnott! Join us this Wednesday night at 7:30 PM in 200 Richards Hall to learn about trips and events, and to hear fascinating stories from and adventurer who has seriously been out into the nature forrealz.


Bad skit of the week: “Hey Lou, are you coming to see Mark Synnott’s presentation at NUHOC?”
“Well I’ll definitely be there. Being a crusty alum, I’ve already SYNNOTT but MARK my words, his 20th one is gonna awesome!”