The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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January 16 Meeting Notes

Notes from January 16th Notes

Malcolm went surfing
Cole learned to ski at Killington- it was great but he fell a lot
Spencer went to Sunday river and skied pow on race skis
Tom went to Sunday River too and had to hike to ski
Katie watched chairs fall off the lift
Connor went and hiked 
Mac took an avalanche safety course to recognize snow that could kill you
 1/18-1/21 MLK open loj
1/25-1/27 Intro to ski *Still taking sign ups*
2/15-2/18 Winter Carnival (president’s day weekend)

Open loj: People go skiing, hiking, hangout at the loj, whatever they want to do, even some errands!

    So the loj is where we go to go on trips, all of them they just talked about, usually at the loj. The loj is in Shelbourne NH. It used to be designed and built by students but it burnt down so now we have a yurt. 
    It was started as the Huskiers in 1941 by Gordon Brown and William Robinson, and we turned it into NUHOC and now it’s one of the biggest and oldest clubs on campus
    The reason I’m talking instead of Bridget is that I’m looking to become an LC so there’s LC’s which are Loj committee members and LCTs which are trainees, so you make a speech, get a list of 27 items that you have to complete and get signed off. You host a dinner and get grilled about LC stuff, and if you get to be an LC you get keys for life. 
    I want to be an LC because I’ve been a couple times and it seems like some of the chillest people on campus are at the loj. 
    It was really fricken cold this weekend so we went through a lot of firewood and there was nothing to carry it with so I got a firewood carrier so it’ll take less time to carry wood. 

How many times do you have to go to the loj? 3
Any cool party tricks? Ummm.. falling asleep
What’s the tallest mountain in NH outside of the presidentials?
Where did Gordon brown die? At an aviation accident. Where? In a plane
How many chains is it from the trail to the loj? 12
How many ledges are there? 4
What’s’ your favorite memory at the loj? First day of skiing last weekend
What’s the longest steel box girder bridge in the world? Portsmith
Favorite NUHOC activity? Hiking. 
What’s your least favorite state in NE? Connecticut
What are the dimensions of a cord of wood?6x4x3 How many cords of wood fit inside the war room? 7
Big mountain little mountain
What’s your favorite month? October
Favorite moose statue? How many? 4, the second one
What is the name of the last brook you cross off of 95? Rushing
How confident are you in becoming an LCT? 50/50
What town and county do we pay our taxes to? Shelbourne 
Standing on the back deck, one hand forward, one up, where do they intersect? Have you?
Favorite color? Blue, Memory? Looking up
What happens if you give a NUHOCer a beer? They drink it immediately
How many mosquitoes can a bat eat in one day? 200
When is the bat moving into the bat house? I don’t know
When is a bat moving into the wood stove? Tonight it’s cold
You go up this weekend to the loj, there’s a bunch of snow, you’re super excited and wake up and go sledding and bump into a giant pack of laser meese and they’re pissed off because you just ran into them. They’re so mad that they’re going to seek revenge on you and all sledders everywhere. What are you going to do to save them?
    Since there happens to be a wood carrier, I would run up ahead of the laser meese and carry a bunch of wood and make a big fire, everyone knows laser meese love smores, so we’d get the bunch of chocolate and make smores for all of them. 

    Good gift but we would all be dead. 
    Looks like he made the cut! 

Mac and Dylan have gear. Sleeping bags, sleeping mat, etc. Fill out the form online, get the gear (preferably wednesday) and return the gear after a week. Need to be a member

    Go to NUHOC.com (it’s new and fancy go look). Go to the membership, fill out the form, come in person and fill out a waiver with $10. 

Email: nuhoc.info@gmail.com
Insta: wegoontrips
Facebook: NUHOC loj
    Also photo contest every week, tag wegoontrips

Boston: coldish
Gorham: Cold, high 20, low -1 but SNOW
Antarctica: it’s summer there! Warmer than the loj and Minnesota
Hawaii: Sunny and warm mid 70’s

SNOW HYPE: lots of it this weekend. 

Winter Activities Slideshow: Trip roundup
Intro to ski: 
    Really fun to slide down a steep slope at high speed, for a cheaper price than normal
Winter carnival:
    Trials of the mind, body, and soul. Four teams, two long days, and one winner- no one leaves.
Dog sledding:
    Trip grants committee run trip. Be on the lookout for that
Intro to Backcountry Skiing:
    If you like skiing and hiking you can combine them to hike and then ski, some equipment needed
    Hike in the winter but don’t want to ski, you can backpack
Snow School:
    Learn to climb around in the snow and use safety measures like an ice axe
Intro to XC:
    Skiing, but not going down a hill, going beside a hill, good workout
Intro to Vermont:
    NH but upside down, great state, most breweries per capita, visit UVM, Ben and Jerry’s, good time. 
Open Loj:
    No specific trip being run, open to anyone to do what you want, so either something specific you want to do or come along and tag along on others plans. In the winter, most people ski, but there’s other options as well. 

What is the sleeping arrangement at the loj? About 30, everyone on the floor. 
Intro to XC date? Not yet
How cold should you expect sleeping to be? Actually pretty warm, but fluxuates. 
Where to sign up? At the end of meetings, we’ll have sign ups at the front OR you can go to the trips tab on the website and you can click on the sign up nuhoc.com

Memberled trips:
Harrison is planning a winter backpacking trip during spring break on the pemi loop
Spencer is looking at 10-20 in of snow in the whites. If you are 21+, there’s a bar in boston that’s giving out ski tickets to Abatash tomorrow. 
Daniel will be at BelAire to ski in New York taking public transportation
    *my apologies for misspelled ski mountains, I’m not East Coast oriented*

Hope to see you all next week!