The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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March 13, 2019 Meeting notes

Nat, Dylan, Sam, Avery, skied out west at Mammoth

Tom skied Loon on a weekday and brought the mean age down.

Becca went skiing at loon and did a jump without falling and then got stuck in a parking lot

Zack went in a giant sinkhole

Someone did a hot air balloon ride in Arizona

Theja also went to Arizona

Harrison built a ski jump in his backyard and almost did a 360

Catherine went to some dunes covered in snow


Open Loj/Dog Sledding : March 15-17

Select people will get to go dog sledding

It’s an option on the sign ups whether you’re interested, the first 7 to answer and commit

on their trip call will get a spot to do that. It’ll be $18 even though it’s usually over 100


Open Loj: March 22-24

An open loj is a special place where we go to our loj and we run most of our trips out of.

We’re usually gone during saturday doing some cool things.

SOLO: March 29-31

Wilderness First Aid course we host every year for free to some of our members. This

will be at the Loj this year. It’s a two year certification in

Intro to Stargazing and Orienteering: April 5-7

Cardoso and an alum Nick DePorzio

Lead Orienteering during the day, and then hike up to the ledges and star gaze

Run of the Charles: April 28th

It’s a canoe race we’ve been doing for about 30 years and you race down the charles

and back and race against the alumni. We do 2 teams of 10 people, so we’ll start sign

ups too.

Tentative trips: Intro to XC and Snow School


Owen and Sam are doing LCT speeches tonight.

Hello, I’m sam I’m a second year, I’m owen im a first year.

Nuhoc was started in 1941 by william robinson and gordon brown as a skiing club and started doing more outdoorsy things and added the oc part. In 1971 they had the idea to build a loj and named it the brown memorial loj which is now a yurt because it burned down in 2015, but the spirit is still there.

The loj is taken care of by the loj committee and you can become an LCT to become an LC and you have to go to the loj three times, give a speech, and give a gift, and once you do that you get a list of 27 items that you need to get checked off like how to open, build a fire, and then cook a dinner for the LC members and they vote and if you get a good rating you get keys for life.

Owen: I was looking for ways to get out of the city and i found NUHOC. Over the summer I was looking at it and got really excited. My first trip was intro to backpacking with Theja and we went to a lake an I lost my glasses and had to walk back without seeing. Then I went to Nucomers, did howe peak.

I’ve been up to the loj a couple times and have cut my fingers twice on a knife so I got a knife sharpener to prevent anymore injuries. Two different sharpeners, coarse and fine.

Sam: I was also looking for a way to get outdoors. I’m a transfer student and my school didn’t have an outdoors club (or really anything) and wanted to find people to ski with an go outdoors and nuhoc has a lot of those people and I really like it and have liked all the people and have wanted to be a part of that and take care of the loj.

I actually got this idea when I was driving back from the loj with Meg and Cardoso so this guy’s kinda a stand in, but I bought a pack of disposable cameras. I thought it would be great to have loj specific cameras so people could document some of the weird shit that happens there and the progress that has been made since the loj burned down. I haven’t been to the archives, but I’m sure there’s photos there that people can look at so being able to document what’s happening now would be great for the future. They can last in water and stuff but they have film so we can get them in CD’s or Print, maybe put the online or scrapbook or something.


What’s your favorite memory? Owen’s was winter carnival. Happening to win and learning he can jump really high.

Sam’s was also winter carnival. Owen and I were on the same team. Honesty our talent show was my favorite thing, just planning it for 2 hours.

What’s your favorite moose on the way to the loj? Owen likes the one by the police station; Sam agrees.

How many chains is it from the split in the hastings trail to the loj property? Depends on the path; 15

What’s your favorite color? Waters edge blue; orangeish

Use that color for your least favorite with that color: No answers

What item on the list are you most excited for? Owen orienteering; Sam running a trip

What would a trip be? Skiing photography shoot where you can rent really long lenses and take photos of people doing almost spins. No offense to Harrison but Owen would like to make the winter backpacking trip actually happen

If you could build a second loj anywhere in the world? New Zealand; Japan (good skiing apparently)

What’s your favorite loj food/what would you cook? Chili; Egg scramble that connor made was good

How many peaks are there above 5000 feet in NH name them? Washington, Adams

So you’re driving home from the loj, you’re about to get to storrow, what is the bridge? Leverett Circle connector bridge

What’s the genus and species of a moose? I don’t do science; moose moose

What is the most prominent mountain after mount washington? Loon; it’s prominent in my heart. Adams is the tallest you can’t drive up. Prominence is the height difference between its surroundings.

Left or right and why? Right is usually more convenient. Shitters left.

Big mountain little mountain or little mountain big mountain? Big mountain little mountain

Choose between a window that can be opened or closed between the two outhouses or motion sensor lights in the outhouse? The window for sure.

This is your final question: So you decide you’re both gonna go up to the loj this weekend, super sweet conditions, so you’re walking up and you each have only your gift in your hands, just the two of you and you start to hear something walking behind you even though everyone is in front of you. There’s a faint red light in the distance, it can’t be a car. Out form the woods comes a whole pack of laser meese, what are you gonna do to fight them and protect the loj? The laser meese have a mortal enemy, the taser geese. They’ve been locked in combat for centuries so the plan is to make an alliance with the laser meese. So hypothetically, it would be better to make an alliance with the taser geese. The knife sharpener doesn’t really do much but the meese don’t know that. The geese also have talons and beaks that can be sharpened, so in close range they can beat them.

Sam doesn’t want to befriend them. Sam will have several cameras that have a mean flash and take all of them and rapid fire at the laser meese and it will burn their eyes and rid their lasers because you can fight a pack of regular meese.


We’ve got gear in this little room that sometimes drips on you in curry. We’ve had it for uh 56 years, it’s got some cool stuff in it. If you want it, you should go on the website. The correct answer is wednesday, and you should return it.


Being a member is pretty cool. You don’t have to be a member to come on trips, but you do for gear for trips.

Next week at 8:11 we’ll be selling these key chains for $2 so come back for that. Half off if you have keys to the loj.


Website: Nuhoc.com

Facebook: Nuhoc Loj

Insta: @wegoontrips

We got a lot of submissions this week, but Charlie won.

If you want to win, either submit on insta or email.



Friday- 61/44 rainy

Saturday- 49/31 partly cloudy

Sunday- 42/27 partly cloudy


Friday- 56/35 rain

Saturday- 40/19 rain

Sunday- 28/11 cloudy

Trip Grants Presentation

Basically, we have money to give you to run new, novel, fun trips that are outside NUHOC’s normal scope we can help you plan it.

If you go on our website, and go to trip grant program you can find the bylaws and that we have $800 for this upcoming summer semester to give out.

Go to nuhoc.com


Trip grant program

Proposal and fill out the preliminary form. This is NOT the full proposal.

Once we have that, we look at all of them and will send back feedback for a full proposal that has all the details

Charlie made an example for kayaking in the boston harbor. It takes about 5 hours if you do it right. This is posted on the trip grants website; logistics, map, transportation, food, lodging, gear, safety, expected cost. You can only fund up to $500 for a large trip (multi day).

At the end of the semester, we look at all the proposals we get and allocate a budget.

After your trip, you’ll give a presentation on it.

3/27: deadline for preliminary feedback

4/03: feedback will be given

4/10: feedback not guaranteed

4/17: final proposals due

5/08: First meeting of summer semester, grants announced.

What trips? New, requires planning, somewhat challenging for members, looks cool for everyone to see.

Fundable trips: multi day trips, climbing at a national park, sailing, snorkeling, sea kayaking.

Not: stuff in the whites we always do.

Examples: Dog sledding, climbing katahdin, hiking the AT, summer skiing in Switzerland, national parks

Memberled Trips

March 30-31 Mt. Greylock with Cardoso sign up with Erika

Anyone going to Sunday river on Saturday?

There’s an rei garage sale on Saturday morning

Just a reminder, next week’s meeting is Hans Florine (a climber) coming to talk to us. There’s a stretching clinic at 5 in cabot. It’s in the basement in Behrakis 010. Talk to Avery if you want more details.