The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Notes 5/8

Hello Nuhoc and hello Summer 1!

What did people do over the break?

-Zain met Charlie and Nat just now

-Aidan’s going to New Zealand during Summer 2

-Someone is taking a terrible advanced writing online class with a 12 page syllabus that had a hidden easter egg?

-Riverboarding is when you wear a helmet and swim down a white water river (but you also wear a padded wetsuit and fins)

-Max helped his mom move


Open Loj this weekend (May 11/12) and it’s also mother’s day on Sunday

Open Loj next weekend May 18/19

Acadia May 25-27

In the future, formal hike and parents’ weekend

If you’ve never been, at Open Loj people go hiking and climbing and maybe canoeing.


We have campgrounds, we have vans

Tickets come out the 15th at a time that Harrison will find out

There will be hiking, biking, sea kayaking, and (maybe climbing)

It’s $35 for the weekend

If you’re 21 and you’re going to Acadia, please drive a van!

Member-led trips

Somaiya wants to go outdoor climbing on saturday

Ian is gonna go to Tucks on Saturday as a day trip

Ian is going outdoor bouldering at Lincoln Woods on Sunday (but you’ll have to pitch in to rent another car if you come)

Jackson is going to Tucks next weekend and you can also come hang out with him and his mom on mother’s day

Becca wants to go to Echo Lake State Park sometime this summer

Harrison is doing 4-5 backpacking trips this summer(12-15 miles/day for 2 days) (you don’t have to know how to backpack but you gotta keep the pace)


Nat is the loj committee chair and we spell it L-O-J. It’s actually a yurt that we are working on all the time and if you love going to the Loj, you can start the Loj committee training process. That means you do a speech at a meeting and give a gift for the Loj. Then you complete a list (27 items learning how to run the loj) and host a Loj committee dinner. Then get keys for life!


Mac has been awake for 27 hours HELP

You need things in the woods like backpacks and sleeping bags and snowshoes maybe

Go to nuhoc.com click some links and get to the form and fill out your info

Pick up the gear (hopefully after a meeting), use it, and bring the gear back

Talk to Dylan or Mac or Dan S if you have questions


Anna and Jackson are on treasury and so is Tom but he isn’t here

To become a member go to the nuhoc.com membership tab, do the google form and Jackson/Anna will give you a paper form. Give them back the paper form and $10 cash and they will give you a membership card.

If you’re a member you can get gear and maybe a free coffee punch card.

We have SWAG aka old t shirts ($10), new t shirts ($20), and green nalgenes


We take good and bad pictures and they are on the social media

@wegoontrips on Instagram (People went to Tucks and it’s still winter there and there’s a cool pic on the Insta so follow?)

NUHOC on Facebook



The weather is GREAT

65 in boston on Saturday and 50 on Sunday and Ian says he will not let it rain

54 and 62 on Saturday and Sunday at the Loj (Friday is raining but we’ll ignore that)

Fact from Ian: There’s upside-down lighting called sprites which are decameter sized balls of ionization. To take a picture, be 150-500 km away during a normal thunderstorm and you will maybe catch one. Also, elves are discs of light and we don’t know why.


Jackson wants to know how to sign up for trips? You can do that at the front of the room on a Google form after a meeting (you can also sign up at home after in the meeting notes or on the website but you’ll be later and farther down the list)

Specer wants to know if he can come to the Loj by himself if he has no plans? ANYONE CAN COME TO THE LOJ, there will be people and things to do and you can join in

Is there a mailing list? Join the Google group and follow the social media to get updates

If anyone wants a summer job and has climbed maybe once and doesn’t hate kids, Giuliana can help you, so talk to her