The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Notes 6/12

What we did this weekend

Becca saw a dog 6 times on one hike

Harrison went on his first bike tour

Mac got 30-something bug bites while wearing 100% deet

Amanda went to lake Winnipesaukee

Mike went hiking in Central Park

Theja biked to some breweries

Liz made 90 cupcakes for her grandma’s 90th birthday :’)


6/14-6/16 Work (by Rihanna ft Drake) weekend at the loj

6/21-6/23 open loj

6/28-6/30 parents weekend

7/6-7/7 Patriotic search for snow

7/19-7/21 Intro to intro to backpacking with Spencer

7/26-7/28 cape cod bike trip – sign up starting this week because reservations need to be made soon

June 26-28 Harrison is doing a moderate backpacking trip on the AT, he has rides with 1-2 spots and it’ll be the beginning of the Vermont section

Ramana’s LCT Speech

This club was founded in 1941 and it’s one of the oldest student organizations at Northeastern

We were the hu-skiers but we added outings

In 1971, the loj design contest was held and we built the loj

The loj burnt down 3 years ago but now we have a yurt which is like a permanent tent and it has a wood stove

Ramana wants to be an LCT because she wants more leadership experience, she’s felt underprepared sometimes but Nuhoc has been her first outdoors experience besides one camping trip and she’s from FL

To become an LCT you have to organize with an LC, get permission to do your speech, and then talk about why you wanna be LCT

Her gifts are a laser meese cross-stitch and magic soap made of stainless steel to get rid of garlic and onion smell

More about the LCT process: there’s a list of items to complete, 27 (or 28?) things to do and you do them, get everything signed off by an LC, host a dinner and again prove yourself, burning at the stake and you maybe get keys

Q & A

There are 28 things on the list or are there 27? 28 but debatable

What national forest is the loj in? She only knows the glades, that the white mountains are a place, and that the loj is not in Acadia

On interstate 93, what mile marker is the white mountain national forest? 42?

Does the soap do anything for body odor? Probably not but Erika will attempt

What’s your favorite color? Light purple

What’s your favorite number? 9

Favorite memory at the loj? Chris Kane’s winter carnival talent show is something she thinks about a lot, her first time was a normal open loj and it was a lot of alum walking barefoot in the snow

What is the tallest mountain in the white mountain national forest? They’re all presidents, Franklin? (it’s Washington)

What is the tallest mountain in the white mountain national forest with no parking lot at the top? ? (it’s Adams)

How many pigs could fit in the pig pen? None but hypothetically 5 with room to breathe

How many moose statues do you pass going to the loj? 3

What’s your favorite moose statue? She can only think of those signs in Acadia that say “don’t moose around”

What are the dimensions of a quart of wood? 27x42x36

How many quarts of wood could a woodchuck chuck? 27

Left or right? lookers left, shitters right

Big mountain little or little mountain big? Big little feels right

What item on the list are you most excited for? Improving something and making it artistic or fun (project)

What county is the loj in? Not shelburne county because it’s not a county

What do you do at the loj when faced with the laser meese and dog sized mosquitoes? Her only superpower is being from Florida but that’s crazy energy that will summon the skater gators, they move fast on wheels up the east coast to shelby, NH and they have strong outer skin and they’re too tough for the meese with their wobbly knees, the mosquitoes will be fazed by the swamp energy


If ya need gear for camping or activities, the gear locker might have it!

To rent gear, you need to be a member, go to nuhoc.com, click the poem in the gear tab and fill out the form, pick up gear after meetings or email nuhocgearguys@gmail.com

GEAR WATCH (sales at REI)

Camping bikinis!

Self-inflating camping pillow

Half dome tent

Coleman cooler ultimate xtreme


Go to the website nuhoc.com

Fill out an online form

Fill out a paper form at a meeting

Pay $10 and get a membership card

Sweet swag

-Blue t shirts $10 (the moisture manager)

-New t shirt $20 (extremely soft cotton)

-Nalgenes $10

-Soda koozies $3

-Coasters $5ish

-Keychains: Trees, Laser meese taser geese, Big little/little big (price varies)

Social media

@wegoontrips on Insta and twitter (!)

Our 3rd tweet of the year is up!



-The patented shower sun

-74 Friday, 80 Saturday, and 78 Sunday

At the Loj

-There are winds at 15 mph, maybe they’ll blow away the bugs

-It will maybe rain Friday and Saturday

-Friday 70, Saturday 76, Sunday 74

Wacky wikipedia weather wonders

-More apocalypse theme: there was a year without a summer in 1816 (the poverty year) (also known as 1800 and frozen to death)

-Catatumbo lightning occurs over the mouth of the Catatumbo River almost every night per year almost all the time

The projector is cooling so we have to go outside without doing the bear safety slideshow :/