The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting tomorrow

Heeh guys,
Just a quick reminder that we are having a meeting this week at 7:30 pm in 300 Richards. This week we will be doing superlatives nominations, so come and nominate your friends! and sign up for a quick study break before finals.

Interesting outdoor fact:
Did you know that there are over 60,000 miles of trail in all 50 states which makes it longer than the interstate high way system. How many miles of this have you hiked?

See you guys there!

Meeting Tomorrow

Heeh guys,
Hope you guys had a fun weekend.
We are having a meeting this week at 7:30 in 300 Richards hall on wednesday (tomorrow).  Anthony will be talking about sky diving, what it is and how he really enjoys it! It should be great and a super exciting and energetic talk.

Interesting outdoor fact:
On April 1, 1960 The Northeastern University Huskiers Officially added Outing Club to their name becoming Nuhoc as we know it today!


Meeting tomorrow

Heeh guys,
Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and really enjoyed it. We have a meeting this week at 7:30 in 300 Richards hall. You should come to this meeting because Tim will be announcing the new LCT list and Julia will be giving her LCT speech. This should give us a good update on all those people who were working towards their keys to see how they can work towards their new lists!
Also come to signup to get a ride to Loon Mountain for 80’s day!

Interesting outdoor fact of the week:
This sunday is World water day. So celebrate that by drinking a glass of water!

Happy trails!

Meeting tomorrow.

Heeh guys,
Tomorrow we have a meeting at 7:30 in 300 Richards hall. It’ll be a special meeting because we have Wendy Johnston coming to talk about her experiences on the PCt! So it should be a super great time. Also you can sign up for SOLO which is wilderness first-aid training this weekend. If you have a car you will get priority to go. Come to tell us about your spring break experiences, listen to Wendy Johnston and sign up for SOLO.

Interesting outdoor fact:
Fewer people have hiked the entire PCT than have climbed Mount Everest.

See you guys there!

Guess what? A meeting tomorrow! 03.04.15

Heeh guys,
Tomorrow we have a meeting 7:30 in 300 Richards hall. It is promising to be another fun meeting. Learn what people are going to do over spring break and brag about what you did last weekend (snow school & winter carnival). Hope to see you guys all there.

Interesting outdoor fact:
The Boston common in 1634 was the nation’s first public park. Who says you need to travel far?

See you at the meeting!

Meeting tomorrow 2/24

Heeh guys,

We are going to have a meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 in 300 Richards hall.   Come to our meeting to signup for some great things trips and events  that are happening this weekend such as snow school or winter carnival.   Ever wanted to eat donut off a string? Participate in a human dog sled race? Well Winter carnival is for you!   Want to learn how to self arrest and travel safely over snowy environments? Come to snow school.
Interesting outdoor fact(s) of the week:
Spending time in the outdoors helps:
  • Decrease risk of cancer, heart attacks and depression.
  • Makes you a better person and happier
  • Will improve your concentration
So that means there is no excuse to not come and sign up for trips this week.
Hope to see you guys all there!


Meeting tomorrow 2/18

Heeh guys,
Hope you are having a great snowy Tuesday and a great Presidents day. We have a meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 in 300 Richards Hall. With all the snow we’ve been having get ready to get stoked for Intro to Backcountry Skiing by listening to Lou Cassano​ and Tim Dyson​ give a talk about their adventure on Mt Katahdin.

Interesting outdoor fact of the week:
Last Sunday night Mt. Washington, NH was the coldest location on the earth with a temperature of -85 degrees(wind chill included). It was colder then Antarctica and the North Pole. What is the coldest temperature you have ever been exposed to?

See you guys all there.

Meeting Tomorrow.

Luckily the snow will hold up long enough to allow us to meet this week. Our meeting this week will be at 300 Richards Hall at 7:30. Come tell us what you did on these two snow days! and what you will potentially this Thursday (yes there is more snow coming.)

Fact of the week: Between 46 and 50 quadrillion snowflakes fell on Boston in the week’s storm! It was easy to count because none of them are the same.

Meeting tonight!

Heeh guys,
We have a meeting this week at 7:00 in 300 Richards hall. It’s going to be great time as we share all the great things we have done over the last two weeks in the snow, so you guys should all come!

Fact: It is possible to ski the east from later October/early November till early July(weather depending). How many days are you guys at?
See you guys there!

No meeting tomorrow.

Unfortunately our meeting for tomorrow has been cancelled due to school cancellation. Not so unfortunate has been the snow these last 48 hours! Hope you guys all got out and where able to enjoy the snow. Let us know what you have been doing by tagging Nuhoc Loj on facebook or @wegoontrips on instagram and twitter.

For the fact of week I decided to educate ourselves about snow:
The most snow to fall in any 24 hour period(Continental US) is 75.8 inches , well over six feet, at Silver Lake, Colorado. The most we have ever gotten on the east coast is 49 inches on Mount Washington, New Hampshire during a Feb 25, 1969 blizzard. So I guess we could always hope for more!