The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!



HEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOO NUHOC!!!!!!! Get your most fancy and elegant hiking clothes ready, because this weekend is our annual FORMAL HIKE!!!
We’ll be spending the weekend at the Loj and hiking Cannon Mountain in formal attire like suits and dresses, because what else would you wear up a mountain!?!?
Learn more and sign up for Formal Hike Weekend at this week’s meeting on Wednesday July 13TH at 7:30PM in West Village G 104!! And after the trip info, we’ll have another WATER BALLOON FIGHT on Centennial!!! We hope to see you there!!!

Weekly Meeting + EXCELSIOR 2022!!

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO NUHOC!! We are BACK from our short hiatus for more exciting summer meetings and trips!! Join us at our meeting Wednesday JULY 6TH at 7:30PM in West Village G 104 to learn about and sign up for upcoming trips!!

Also, EXCELSIOR 2022 IS HERE!!!! Excelsior is our (somewhat) annual NUHOC MAGAZINE!! Read incredible stories from NUHOCers about reviving our outdoors club from Zoom purgatory, lifelong memories of Loj adventures, and all the friends made along the way!! Featuring amazing photography, poetry, word games, & MORE!! You can pick up a copy at one of our meetings or from the gear locker, so please check it out!!



At this week’s meeting we’ll be watching THE LAST TEPUI, a National Geographic movie featuring Mark Synnott, a professional climber who has visited NUHOC as a guest speaker every single year for over 20 years!! The documentary is about his adventure deep into the Amazon rainforest to hunt for new species, which he told NUHOC all about firsthand when he visited last December! The meeting will be on JUNE 22ND, at 7:30PM in West Village G 104!! We hope to see you there!!

This Week’s Meeting!!

HELLOOOoooOOoooOOo NUHOC!! We hope everybody is having an incredible summer! Make your summer even more fun by coming to our Weekly Meeting tomorrow June 15TH at 7:30PM in West Village G 104 to sign up for trips!! We hope to see you there!
This past weekend, NUHOCers went WHITE WATER RAFTING on the Penobscot river in Maine, funded by our trip grants committee! We also did some great hiking and tool shed building at the Loj!

Water Balloon Fight on Centennial!!


For this week’s meeting, we’ll be having a WATER BALLOON FIGHT on Centennial!!! As always the meeting is tomorrow June 8TH at 7:30PM in West Village G 104!! We hope to see you there!

Weekly Meeting!!

HELLOOOOOOO NUHOC!! We hope everybody that went on our Acadia National Park trip had an absolute blast! If you enjoyed Acadia, there’s tons more summer NUHOC fun to be had! Join us for our weekly meeting in 104 West Village G at 7:30pm TOMORROW June 1st to learn about what NUHOC has in store for the rest of the summer and sign up for fun trips!! One upcoming trip run by our Ski Chair/Former President Owen is WHITEWATER RAFTING at Baxter State Park, in Maine!! Learn more at the meeting, we hope to see you there!


HELLOOOOOOOOOOO NUHOC!!! At long last… IT’S ACADIA TIME!! Join us at our meeting tomorrow MAY 25TH at 7:30PM in West Village G Room 104 for ACADIA HYPE FEST!! Stop by to learn about the different activities you can choose from on this weekend’s trip, ask questions to trip leaders, meet everybody else who’s going, AND GET EXCITEDDD! See you there!


HEEEELLLLLOOOOOOO NUHOC!!! We hope everybody is having a great summer so far and is excited to get outside in the warm weather!! Our FIRST MEETING of the summer will be TOMORROW, MAY 18TH at 7:30PM by the Curry Student Center KOI POND!!! Stop by to learn all about the club, meet some awesome people, and find out about our summer trips that will be happening both locally in Boston and up at the Loj in New Hampshire!! As always, if you want to become more involved in the club and see how we plan our trips, feel free to stop by our Eboard meeting at 6:30PM before the general meeting! We hope to see you there!! 🙂

Last Meeting of the Semester + Jorts Jamboree

ELLOOOOOO NUHOC!!! I hope that everyone had a great weekend 🙂 This week our meeting will be on Wednesday at 7:30 PM in 104 WVG and it is our last meeting of the semester. However, just because it is our last meeting, does not mean it will be boring!! We have got a JAM-PACKED meeting with lct speeches, superlative awards, eboard elections, and most importantly the jorts jamboree! Additionally, we will be having a potluck so feel free to bring food to the meeting. Just make sure to label it with any allergens / food restrictions. You are also encouraged to bring your own utensils in order to reduce food waste. We hope to see you there!! 

Superlative Awards!!

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NUHOC!! I hope that everyone had a fantastic long weekend 🙂 This week our meeting will be on Wednesday at 7:30 PM in 104 WVG. We will have superlative awards and eboard nominations (yes, it is already that time of the year). Additionally, this Thursday is our Blaze Pizza fundraiser from 6-9 PM. It will occur at the Blaze near Fenway so make sure to come grab some pizza. You MUST bring a flier to Blaze in order to take part in the fundraiser. The flier can be found on Instagram and in Slack. We hope to see you there!!!