The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting 6/28

HELLOOO NUHOC!!! This week’s meeting will be held in Behrakis 220 at 7:30pm. After the meeting, we’ll be playing Ultimate Frisbee on Carter Field!

Weekly Meeting 6/21

HELLOOOO NUHOC!!! For this week’s meeting, we’re having a Summer Solstice Picnic on the Charles River Esplanade!!! We’ll meet at 7:30pm, Wednesday June 21st, at the Bank of America ATM (BofA) on Forsyth Street, then walk to the river together and hang out there until the sun sets! Feel free to bring some picnic blankets, group snacks, & lawn games if you want! :basket::sunny:
Also feel free to join our e-board meeting on Centennial at 6:30pm before the picnic if you want to get involved with planning NUHOC trips/meetings!

New wood rack just dropped 🤪

This week’s meeting

HELLLOOOOO NUHOC!!! For this week’s meeting, we will be heading to the North End to grab some cannoli and other desserts. We will be meeting at the Bank of America on Forsyth Street tonight at 7:30pm. There will be a group biking and a group taking the T – if you are interested in biking, if possible, please try to bring your own bike, and if taking the T, remember your CharlieCard! Hope to see everyone this evening!

Weekly meeting 5/31

HELLLOOOOOO NUHOC!!! Please join us tomorrow (5/31), in centennial common at 7:30 PM!! We will be going over our weekly routine and then hosting some sponge games! As a reminder, anyone and everyone is welcome to join our eboard meetings. Tomorrows will be at 6:30 in centennial, as well. Come hang out 🙂 🧽🌲🏕️

Weekly Meeting + Weather-Off + Esplanade Walk!

HELLOOOOO NUHOC!! This week’s meeting will be Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm in Hurtig 130! We’ll be going over some quick trip announcements and holding our weather-off to elect our NEW WEATHER-PERSON!! Afterwards, we’ll take a little trip to the esplanade to enjoy the nice weather.

Also, for those who are interested – NUHOC e-board meetings are open to all general members, not just those with positions. If you are interested in becoming a more active member of the club and gaining greater insight into how everything works, please consider coming to our e-board meetings! They are every Wednesday before general meetings at 6:30. Locations vary but we will most often be out on Centennial – which is where we’ll be Wednesday! You can be as involved as you like, but please don’t hesitate to speak up with any questions or concerns, should you decide to come.

See everyone Wednesday!

Some of our latest NUHOC graduates went on a hike in the White Mountains at the last Loj weekend.
An action shot from installing the remaining OSB on the deck at the last Loj weekend.

First summer meeting!

HELLOOOO NUHOC!! I hope everyone is having a good summer! Our first meeting will be this Wednesday at 7:30 pm, in Behrakis 220. We’ll be discussing our upcoming ACADIA TRIP!! and talking about our plans for the summer! Afterwards, there’ll be a relay race, and we’ll go outside to enjoy the nice weather. I hope to see everyone there!!

A photo from last year’s Acadia trip. Acadia has lots of great views, cool rocks, and water!

This past weekend, we put a bunch of OSB subflooring on the lodge deck.

Summer E-Board

Congratulations to the newly elected summer e-board!

President: Ben Orton
VP Trips: Erica Sammarco
VP Communications: Noemi Drabkin
VP Publicity: Deb Bender
VP Organization: Sophia Cotman

Last meeting of the semester!

Join us tomorrow on CENTENNIAL QUAD at 7:30pm for our last meeting of the semester.

We will be camping on centennial, having a BBQ, stacking hammocks, and holding our summer e-board elections! See y’all there! :camping: :camping: 

FYI, food will be served on a first come first serve basis!

Finally, another reminder to submit any photos for our last photo contest to the insta (@wegooontrips) before noon today for a chance to win some merch! :camera_with_flash:

Meeting 4/12 and Yurtapalooza Recap

Join us tomorrow at 7:30pm in 103 Churchill for our weekly meeting!

This past weekend, we celebrated Yurtapalooza up at the Loj. This was the last Loj weekend before taking down the yurt. We will be taking down the yurt this coming weekend. Yurtapalooza was a lot of fun, and even though we didn’t take down the yurt yet, we took out all the remaining items from the inside of the yurt, including the floorboards, the wood stove, the couches, the lights, and more. It was a chilly weekend and it was a bit bittersweet to say goodbye to the yurt, but the vibes were immaculate and we had many alumni from all across the country coming back to visit. We are still working on finding a forever home for the yurt, but we have some leads and hopefully it will remain in the NUHOC family.

We also heard some amazing musical performances at Yurtapalooza, including several songs written and performed by Dan Schwindinger specifically in honor of the event!

Meeting 4/5

Join us in Churchill 103 at 7:30pm tomorrow for our weekly meeting!

 This past weekend we picked out a ton of the posts and beams to be used in the new Loj based on their dimensions and quality! The reclaimed lumber was cleaned and labeled, and we’ll hopefully be able to starting cutting them to length and creating notches soon after the yurt comes down!

Speaking of the yurt, some of the remaining items like the bookcase and wood rack were removed as we approach yurt takedown soon!

This coming weekend will be Yurtapalooza, a weekend where we’ll celebrate the yurt and finalize preparations for its disassembly! Our build committee is will also be meeting with the Shelburne Planning Committee to discuss the Loj plans!