The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!


Meeting April 2nd!

We’ve got some big things to do at this week’s meeting, tonight at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! Not only will we be voting for winners of the superlatives, but we will also be nominating individuals for the upcoming summer eboard. One thing to remember with these nominations is that the nominees must be in Boston all summer in order for them to serve on eboard, so spend some time thinking about who you want to lead NUHOC to sultry summer greatness! We also have a few Open Loj weekends coming up, so come sign up for these trips! You won’t want to miss out on some of that late-season skiing and riding, and other exciting outdoor adventures at the loj!

As I suggested, it’s getting to be spring-skiing time, and although some of us are still looking to get those last few weeks of turns in (with the exception of patriotic turns in July), some people are looking forward to getting some other kinds of turns in on the mountains. For all you mountain bikers, this one’s for you!

See you tonight!

Meeting March 26, 2014

Remember to come to our meeting this Wednesday, at 7:30pm in 300 Richards. We will be holding sign ups for upcoming open loj weekends, and this week we’ll be holding nominations for superlatives! For those of you who are new to the club this year, you should know that our superlatives are a fun way to recognize some of the members of the club for their accomplishments, and they tend to be pretty fun. So don’t miss out on nominating your favorite NUHOCers tomorrow night, and come sign up for some trips!

If you’ve been dreaming about getting out there to do something new and see a new place, this week’s video is for you. It isn’t epic like some of the other things we’ve shared, and you’ll likely recognize the places you’ll see in the video, but it’s a good example of people just getting outside and exploring a place they’ve never been. Playing around in the White Mountains is fun, but if you’re looking for something new, get at it! Although this trio is not the best at leaving no trace (please don’t pee into the Grand Canyon), check out their video about a week spent in the desert. Then, start planning your own adventure.

A Week in the Desert from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.

Tonight’s meeting, 3/19

Hey everyone! Don’t miss tonight’s meeting at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! We will be continuing sign ups for SOLO weekend, which is this weekend at the Loj. Come get certified in Wilderness First Aid for free! If you’re an LCT, this is one of the items to be checked off your LCT list, so make it happen! This is also open to any non-LCTs, but priority will be given to LCTs. For more information about SOLO, visit their website here! Other than that, we will be talking about more upcoming trips to the Loj, so hope to see you there!

This week we’re sharing something a little different that has been done in the outdoors, not your typical ski video or climbing piece. The editing in this video is a bit tedious, but if you skip to around 6:30 you can watch some seriously terrifying and impressive stunts! Check it out!

See you all tonight!

Meeting March 12th!

Welcome back from Spring Break, everybody! We all hope that you were able to do some pretty amazing things in the outdoors while we were away, and hopefully you used what you learned at the last meeting to Leave No Trace! Our next meeting is Wednesday, March 12 (tomorrow). We hope to see you all at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! We will be talking more about upcoming open loj weekends and SOLO weekend! Come sign up!

In honor of the EPIC POW northern New England is expected to get this week, check out this video featuring some people playing in some pow!
See you all tomorrow!

Meeting February 26

Come to this week’s meeting tomorrow night at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! Because the Leave No Trace representatives could not make it last time, we will be having them speak at tomorrow’s meeting, so don’t miss out on this awesome presentation! We will also be talking about upcoming trips to the Loj, talking about when the Loj will be open over spring break, and starting sign ups for the Loj this weekend.

This week’s outdoor video goes out to all the climbers in the world. Check out “The Hardest of the Alps!”

See you all tomorrow!

Upcoming Trip Updates

We just updated the upcoming trips calendar for the month of March, so make sure to check that out! It’s a busy time right now, it being mid-semester and all. Make sure to plan your time accordingly so you don’t miss out on these awesome trips that we have planned!

Meeting February 19th!

We hope you all had another great week getting out in the snow, and that we’ll see you all tonight at our meeting in 300 Richards at 7:30pm. We have an Open Loj/XC Skiing trip this weekend, which we’ll be doing sign-ups for, and we’ll be talking about more upcoming trips! Additionally, we’ll hear a couple LCT speeches, and we’ll have special guest Mike Brown, co-founder of GearCommons, a gear sharing website. Come hear what he has to say about starting his own business connected to outdoor sports!

Now, we know many of you were pumped to get out there this weekend for a taste of the Valentine’s Day pow (best V-Day present EVER!), but here’s a video of some people who took advantage of the storm in a different way:

PAX February 13-14-15-2014 from Ralph’s Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Do we have any surfers out there?? If so, come talk to us!
See you all tonight!

Meeting February 12!

Hi NUHOCers! We missed you all terribly last week, but we sure enjoyed the snow day! Come tell us about all the wintery things you did last week at our meeting tomorrow, February 12, at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! We will also be holding sign ups for this weekend’s Winter Carnival at the loj! If you’ve never been to Winter Carnival, you should absolutely sign up! It’s an eventful weekend filled with games and contests against other NUHOC members. Perhaps a little like those other Winter Games that are happening right now… (Shout out to Jamie Anderson and Sage Kostenburg for taking home gold for snowboard slopestyle this weekend!)

Since there aren’t any great videos of the US Olympic wins, check out this video of some crazy slackliners getting their own air! This takes “flight of the Frenchies” to the next level!

See you all tomorrow!

Meeting Wednesday 2/5

We all hope you got a chance to get out and do something outdoorsy this weekend/week. Don’t forget to come to our meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm in 300 Richards! We’ll be starting sign ups for Winter Carnival! This trip will fill up fast, so don’t miss out!

As some of you have never been to a meeting, some of you are new members to the club, and some of you may have been members for a while but forget what why you joined, I think this week’s featured video really shows what we’re all about here in NUHOC. Listen to what Brice Portolano has to say about the drive to KEEP EXPLORING:

Keep it outside!

Meeting January 29th!

We hope you’re all waxing up your planks (whether you ride one or two) because Intro to Ski and Snowboard at Mt. Abrams is just a week and a half away (Feb. 7-9)! If you want to go on this trip and still haven’t signed up, you *MUST* sign up at tomorrow night’s meeting. That’s your last chance! As usual, the meeting will be at 7:30pm in 300 Richards.

To get stoked about this trip, we’ll also be showing an awesome ski/snowboard video, kinda like the one below!

Check out how Charles Reid got into snowboarding, and where it took him:

Charles Reid @Superpark 2013 from Oakley Canada on Vimeo.

Disclaimer: Always wear a helmet. See you tomorrow!