The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting tomorrow

Hi guys,
We have a meeting this week at 7:30 pm in 440 Curry!
Come learn more about our trips like the Boston Harbor Island Trip and sign up or hear about other people’s cool adventures such as the Cap Cod bike trip.

Fun fact:
In the Boston Harbor Islands, Spectacle island was augmented with big dig dirt and clay. They had to dump it some where and an island seemed like a good spot.

Meeting tomorrow 7/22!!!!

Heeh guys,
There is a meeting this week back in our trusty 440 curry student center.   Thats 440 curry student center.  Come sign up for trips and and enjoy the outdoors in these beautiful summer days.  At tomorrow’s meeting we even will have Zach​ give a presentation about his cool experiences in Japan.
Thats 7:30pm Wednesday 7/22 440 curry student center.
Hope to see you there.
Fun fact of the week:
Did you know that marino recently redid their climbing wall?

Meeting tomorrow, July 15th

Heeh guys,
We have a meeting this week at 7:30pm Wednesday in 408 Ell hall. Yes thats right not in the curry student center but in 408 ELL HALL. Come learn and sign up Mystic River Cleanup and Ben’s Ipswich River Canoe Trip. The mystic river clean up is this Thursday at 6:30pm. A great opportunity to help out and enjoy some Free canoeing. Come after co-op and classes and help us win against MIT. The Ipswich River Canoe trip is another opportunity to enjoy the water this weekend. So come to the meeting in 408 ELL HALL and sign up for trips.

Outdoor fact of the week:
Despite being designated a “10 Most Threatened Rivers in America”, as determined by American Rivers, The Ipswich watershed is still a beautiful site that should be visited.

Meeting tomorrow

Heeh guys,
There is a meeting this week in room 440 curry student center at 7:30pm and we have some exciting trips to come and sign up for. Sign up for Doug and Chris’ backpacking trip, or Mystic River Cleanup a fun way to help the community in Boston, and the Ipswitch River Canoe trip for all our paddlers out there. Hope to see you guys all there to tell about your 4th of july adventures and sign up for future trips.
Fun Fact of the week:
Tuckermans ravine is still ski-able. There is is still snow on Mt. Washington.

Meeting tomorrow

Hey guys,
We have a meeting tomorrow at 7:30 at 440 curry student center. Join us for the last meeting of summer 1 and play some outdoor trivia for prizes, listen to an LCT speech and sign up for some fun up coming trips.

Fun fact of the week:
A 5 year old was able to hike all 48 4000 footers in the white mountains with in a year.

Meeting tomorrow.

Hey guys,
We are having a meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm in 440 Curry student center. Come to share about your adventures and hear about upcoming trips that Nuhoc is planning is going on .

Interesting fact:
Besides it being fathers day this sunday it is also National naked hiking day. So don’t be surprised on the trails.

Meeting Tonight, June 10th!

Helllooo NUHOC!
Come to our meeting tonight at 7:30pm in 440 Curry to hear about upcoming trips including the Cape Cod Bike trip, a day trip to the Boston Harbor Islands, a canoe trip, and more!

Interesting fact of the week:
If you add up the acreage of all of the Boston Harbor Islands, the sum varies between 1483 and 3067 acres during the tidal cycles.

Meeting Today May 13th

Heeh guys,
We have a meeting today at 300 Richards hall at 7:30. I hope you guys all had a great spring intersession and we’re able to get outside and enjoy. Come to our meeting to tell us about those adventures as well as here more about one of our biggest trips coming up: ACADIA as well as other exciting opportunities to get outside.
Do you want a free Nuhoc water bottle well then come to the meeting to participate in a tent building competition. Winners get a FREE nuhoc water bottle. So it should be super fun and competitive.

Interesting fact of the week:
To stay in line with the acadia theme: Did you know that acadia national park was initially named Lafayette National Park and wasn’t renamed until 1929.

See you guys there.

Meeting tomorrow 4/22/15

Hello everyone,
I hope you guys are enjoying these wonderful few lasts days of school and not studying too hard for finals. This week is going to be our last meeting of the year so come and vote for eboard and decide who will lead the club in the summer! Be there 7:30 300 Richards Hall! Also let us know if you are going on any exciting trips this summer by coming to the meeting.

Interesting outdoor fact:
Did you know that hiking is considered a gateway activity to other outdoor recreation. Well we hope you get hooked.

See you at the meeting.

Meeting Tomorrow

Heeh guys,
I hope you guys are having a great day and were able to enjoy the nice weather we are having. We are having a meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm in 300 Richards Hall. Its going to be an exciting meeting because we are voting for superlatives as well as having eboard nominations for the summer. So come vote for your friends and nominate them or yourself for eboard positions.

Interesting outdoor fact:
Did you know that only 49.4% of Americans participated in outdoor activities in 2012. Don’t be part of that 50%, come on Nuhoc trips! and do something fun outside!

Bonus fact:
The same study also showed that in the past 3 years telemarking participation increased by 87%. #freetheheel

Happy Trails!