The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!

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Meeting Tomorrow


This week’s meeting will be held Wednesday at 7:30 PM in 010 Behrakis Health Sciences Center. This is not our usual meeting location in Richards Hall. Yes, that’s right, not the normal place, but 010 Behrakis instead. Come hear about upcoming trips and get details for NUComers this weekend!

Bad nature joke of the week: Why did Summer miss this week’s NUHOC meeting?
Because without thinking, she winter Richards Hall autumn-atically! (Don’t blame her, we did spring a room change out of nowhere…)

NUComers Wait List Information

Hi everyone, if you weren’t able to get a ticket to NUComers, Gianna Scioletti is coordinating the wait list. You should email her at the address below if you would like to be put on the wait list for available tickets, or if you would like to sell the ticket you purchased. Names will be put on the wait list in the order that requests are received.

If you do purchase a ticket and can no longer attend, please do not sell your ticket to your friends, but rather sell it through NUHOC (by emailing Gianna, your VP Publicity). Please follow this guideline, because otherwise we will not have the buyer’s contact information and will not be able to provide transportation to NUComers for that person.

Please email Gianna and do not Facebook message her or contact her by other means, that way she can add names to the list in fair order. She generally accidentally neglectx the “Other” folder in FB messaging anyway.


Emails should contain your name (first then last), NUid number, and phone number. Thanks.

NUComers Tickets!


We have some very exciting news for you! Tickets for NUComers will go on sale at the end of the night TONIGHT! That’s right, at 12:01am on Tuesday, October 6th (that’s less than 24 hours from RIGHT NOW), you will be able to purchase your ticket for NUComers on myNEU. Join us up in the White Mountains for a super fun and adventurous weekend. We hope to see you there!

Note: Tickets are limited, and there will be a wait list when tickets are sold out. An announcement with more details about the wait list is coming soon.

Meeting Tomorrow + Mark Synnott


This week we will have an abbreviated meeting followed by our special guest presenter, Mark Synnott! Join us this Wednesday night at 7:30 PM in 200 Richards Hall to learn about trips and events, and to hear fascinating stories from and adventurer who has seriously been out into the nature forrealz.


Bad skit of the week: “Hey Lou, are you coming to see Mark Synnott’s presentation at NUHOC?”
“Well I’ll definitely be there. Being a crusty alum, I’ve already SYNNOTT but MARK my words, his 20th one is gonna awesome!”

Meeting Tomorrow


This week’s meeting is Wednesday night at 7:30 PM in 200 Richards Hall (fo realz this time)! Learn about trips happening soon, an upcoming speaker, and MOAR! Come sign up for stuff that will get you out into the nature!

Bad nature joke of the week:  Why did Portobello come to the NUHOC meeting?

Because he’s a FUNGI!

Meeting Tonight


Come to the second NUHOC meeting of fall semester TONIGHT at 7:30 PM! We’ll be in a different location this time, 010 Behrakis. Again, that’s TONIGHT at 7:30 PM in 010 Behrakis. Learn about upcoming trips that will get you climbing and backpacking out into the nature!

Bad nature joke of the week/tip for those going climbing this weekend: You should never take rocks for granite.

Meeting Tomorrow


Tomorrow evening we’re having our first official meeting of the fall semester! That’s right, we’re kicking things off TOMORROW at 7:30 pm in 108 SNELL ENGINEERING. Let’s start the semester off right and welcome a bunch of new faces to this awesome group of people who just can’t wait to get out into the nature. Come hear about a variety of great stuff happening, including intro to backpacking and climbing trips! We hope to see you there!

Bad joke of the week: What’s the difference between weather and climate?

You can’t weather a tree, but you can CLIMATE!!

Meeting Tomorrow


Guess what! Tomorrow evening, we’ll be having a small meeting on the Curry Student Center roof deck at 7:30 pm. This is a great meeting to come to if you have any gear to return to the gear locker or would just like to catch up with fellow nature enthusiasts who might be moving back into the city.

Our first *official* meeting of fall semester will be NEXT WEEK on September 9th at 7:30 pm. Keep an eye out for details to come regarding location.

Bad joke of the week: What’s brown and sticky?

Meeting tomorrow

Heeh guys,
Tomorrow we have a meeting in a different location 408 ELL HALL. Thats right, 408 ELL HALL makes a come back. Same time as usual though; 7:30 pm so just leave a little early if you tend to get lost. This is going to be an exciting meeting because we are doing Eboard nominations. Nominate your friends and maybe even yourself for the fall Eboard. Beside nominations come sign up for the Boston Harbor Islands ​ day trip, which is on August the 16th

Outdoor fact of the week:
There are 10000-20000 sheets of paper per tree. Good thing the excelsior is online at our website so you don’t have to print it out and waste paper.
See you guys at 7:30 pm. where? 408 ELL HALL!


After a long wait of over 5 years we bring you the Excelsior, NUHOC’s annual magazine.  This Excelsior edition has everything from trip reports, puzzles to a special section dedicated to the Loj. Read it for the memories or get psyched for your next trip, Excelsior should be an enjoyable read.

Excelsior 2015 Final

Lots of reading pleasure.