The Northeastern University Huskiers and Outing Club is the outdoors club at Northeastern University. We do outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, skiing/snowboarding, climbing, biking, backpacking, canoeing/kayaking, and more!



Last Meeting of the Semester Tomorrow: Elections!


Tomorrow will be our last meeting of the semester, in 108 Snell Engineering at 7:30pm. It is a VERY important one because we will be voting for our e-board for Spring 2015. If you were nominated and accept your nomination please have a speech ready for tomorrow. Amid the start of finals I know that time is tight, but make your best efforts to come to vote. We want to elect good leaders that will reflect the club’s interests in the best way and keep NUHOC awesome.

To get you in the voting spirit please like ONE, and only ONE of the photos on the facebook post. Also please do not reveal if it is your photo. Whoever gets the most likes will be the winner of the NUHOC nalgene. Facebook group

See you tomorrow!

Meeting Tomorrow, November 19: Flannel Formal and Nominations

Well it is finally cold outside and there is a chance of flurries for our meeting tomorrow at 7:30pm in 108 Snell Engineering. You should wear your finest flannel because it is FLANNEL FORMAL!! This event is when we wear flannel and bring food to share. If you plan on coming please respond to our event on facebook and post what you plan to bring for the potluck.

In all the fun and festivities we also will be doing nominations for our Spring 2015 e-board! It is very important to the club that we have quality leaders on the e-board, as they help keep the club going and bring new ideas to continue to make NUHOC amazing. Please consider who you want to nominate to be on e-board, self-nominations are welcome as well. Below are descriptions of the positions on e-board open for nominations. Good ones to introduce you to e-board are VP Communications, Publicity, Weatherperson, or SGA Rep.

  • President: run e-board and general meetings; point contact for the school, alumni, and Loj committee; organize deadlines and other projects including proposals; moderate gmail, orgsync and other NUHOC platforms; oversee the rest of the e-board; delegate and moderate what is going on in the club and make decisions
  • VP Organization: president’s right hand person and in the absence of president will carry out the duties of the office, appoint committee chairpersons as required;  responsible for planning any programming for the meetings (speakers, movies, etc.); do miscellaneous duties like booking of room and vans
  • VP of Trips: responsible for helping organize all club outings; coordinate trip sign-ups and waivers; screen trip leaders; create new trips
  • VP Publicity: advertise meetings and other NUHOC events on all social media platforms; create posters for annual trips, print at reprographics and hang them; maintain the website and other social media sites; attend and organize participation in the activities fairs
  • VP of Communications: keep minutes of the club and e-board meetings; keep permanent records of the club; assist the Treasurer especially with memberships; responsible for checking the mail
  • SGA Representative: be a member of the SGA; attend mandatory SGA meetings; keep e-board informed on rules and proceedings of SGA
  • Weatherperson: accurately predict the and illustrate the weather for upcoming NUHOC events; prevent unwanted precipitation and produce wanted precipitation

Our photo comes from Eleanor Grams this week from the top of Caribou Mt.

photo (2)

Hope to see you all tomorrow for our last meeting before Thanksgiving Break

Meeting Tomorrow, November 12

Hello NUHOC!

Tomorrow’s meeting will be at 7:30pm in 108 Snell Engineering and last longer than usual because we will be watching a MOVIE!!! In order to get us pumped for the season of snow we will be watching “Jeremy Jones Higher.” Check out the trailer here. Feel free to bring snacks!

Also to get us further stoked for winter the winner of this week’s photo contest is Dana Belanger! She showed us that there is a ton of snow at the top of Mt. Jefferson. Thanks for the pic!

dana belanger

Meeting Tomorrow, November 5

Hope everyone’s Halloweekend was amazing!

We have a meeting tomorrow at 7:30 in 108 Snell Engineering. Sign-ups for LCT weekend (this weekend’s loj trip) will take place. If you have been to the loj 3 times and would like to become an LCT in order to go to the loj this weekend give Tim Dyson an email at dyson.ti@gmail.com. In order to become an LCT you have to have gone to the loj 3 times, say a speech at a meeting and present a gift (anything that reminds you of the loj or what you think the loj needs will do)! You still have time to become a LCT at tomorrow’s meeting so just give Tim an email ASAP.

As this weekend was Halloween NUHOCers decided to hike Frankenstein Cliffs this weekend, and the weather made it extra spooky! Thanks Danielle Wagner for the photo!

photo (1)

Meeting Tomorrow, October 29

This is your friendly reminder that there is a meeting tomorrow 7:30pm in 108 Snell Engineering! We will be having a special guest, Jamie, from Leave No Trace come talk to us about what it means to leave no trace and how we could do it on our own adventures! Jamie will also be talking about her experiences with the AMC. Since we are so close to Halloween we will have sign-ups for Halloween at the loj and a pumkiñata for after the meeting.

Thank you Sophie DeGroot for the awesome picture from the top of Mt. Lafayette! If you want to be the winner of the weekly photo contest please tag Nuhoc Loj on facebook or @wegoontrips on instagram and twitter by 4pm on the Tuesday before the meeting.


Meeting Tomorrow, October 22

Hey guys! Hope your week since we saw you last was full of adventure. We have one of our own, Josh Levin, to talk to us at our meeting tomorrow at 7:30 in 108 Snell Engineering. He will tell us about his experience as a professional competition climber, his trip to the Youth Olympic Games, deep water soloing in Thailand, and American Ninja Warrior!! He is also the winner of our photo contest for this week! Hope to see you all tomorrow at 7:30pm!

Tomorrow is the LAST meeting that we will be collecting gas receipts from NUComers! PLEASE INCLUDE ALL these things on the back of the receipt:
Phone #
Pickup check or mail check (Checks are picked up from the Student Activities Business Office on the 4th floor of Curry)


Meeting Tomorrow, October 15

Hope everyone’s long weekend was great, especially those who went to NUComers!

This week’s meeting, tomorrow at 7:30pm in 108 Snell Engineering, we will be doing sign-ups for this coming weekend’s Work Weekend at the Loj. We will also be collecting gas receipts from drivers for NUComers so you can get reimbursed. PLEASE INCLUDE ALL these things on the back of the receipt:
Phone #
Pickup check or mail check (Checks are picked up from the Student Activities Business Office on the 4th floor of Curry)
***Receipts will be due by the end of the meeting on Oct 22.***

We had many great pictures from this past weekend it was hard to choose who to feature this week, but Abby Moreton won with her shot from the top of Webster Cliff!

photo 5 (3)

Meeting Tomorrow, October 8

Hello NUHOC!

Hope everyone is great, tomorrow our meeting will focus on our HUGE trip called NUComers. Our meeting will be in 108 Snell Engineering at 7:30pm. If you are going to NUComers you need to attend this meeting! If you are on the wait list you should find out by tomorrow if you are off of the wait list.

This past weekend we had some more intro to backpacking trips, Kelly Turpin went on one of these trips and took this great pic showing how NUHOC is nothing without our amazing members!

kelly turpin 10.8

NUComers! NUComers! NUComers tickets go on sale…

tomorrow, October 2, in the early morning, check the neu ticket center for the specific time. Be sure to get your ticket to this amazing “welcome to the loj weekend” where we go on incredible hikes, climbs, swims, and frolicking in the great outdoors! To get your tickets go to myneu tickets. They cost $35, which includes transportation and food for the whole 3-day weekend.

NUComers Poster 2014

Meeting Tomorrow: Mark Synnott, October 1

Tomorrow’s meeting is extra special because Mark Synnott will be talking about his adventures around the world! Synnott is a North Face sponsored climber and has been featured in National Geographic and we are lucky that he has been coming to our meetings for 19 years. We have loved every single presentation he’s done and can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s! We will be meeting at 7:30pm in 108 Snell Engineering.

This week our photo is from Beata Olszewski! She took some great pictures from her Intro to Backpacking trip this past weekend! Please tag Nuhoc Loj on facebook or @wegoontrips on twitter and instagram to enter the photo contest. If your picture is chosen you will receive a NUHOC Nalgene!

beata olszewski 10.1 mark synnott final for print (1)